Our Catrinas Parade it’s an open event for tourists and visitors that come to San Miguel, they are those that are part of the parade.

To participate we ask for a cooperation of $ 250 pesos with which you will get a ticket to enter to the event. Your ticket is to enter the makeup cocktail where you will get the kit to become a great and beautiful Catrina or hansom Catrin. You just have to bring your dress or suit.

The package includes a Catrina or Catrin hat. A bag with candy inside to hand out to the kids during the parade. A mug to enjoy of great tequila during the walk. Materials and support for a simple makeup. Cocktail drinks to warm things up. and be part of the official photo.

You can pick up the hat can a few days before to decorate it with flowers and brightly colored feathers.

Register to know that you are interested in participating.

You can give your cooperation here.

Register for the Catrinas Parade

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